Across Generations and Borders

We founded Litvak & Co. over a decade ago to go beyond boundaries – in our thinking and our reach – to meet the complex wealth needs of global clients.

About Litvak & Co.

Our Story

A fiduciary with a keen understanding of the nuances of international opportunities and challenges, we leverage the power of independent decision-making, creative solutions, holistic advice, and advanced technology to impact legacies in new ways.

Ricardo Litvak, who comes from a long line of bankers, and his team bring a refreshing attitude and skillset to doing business on a global scale. From strategic introductions to high-touch concierge services, from tailored investment strategies to personalized wealth solutions, we deliver private banking on a human scale.

Our Business

Livak & Co. is the privately owned parent company of two businesses, Litvak Wealth and Litvak Solutions, to serve both every day and ever-changing needs.

Litvak Wealth serves as a comprehensive wealth management advisory firm. We provide you with objective advice and experienced investment stewardship through a sophisticated, comprehensive, and customizable wealth management platform.

Litvak Solutions serves as a financial consulting practice to address global and complex wealth situations. We partner with you to meet your personal and corporate needs through skilled counsel in financing, structuring, and private banking.

Our Values


As your fiduciary, we take responsibility for the decisions and transactions we make on your behalf.


We are available when you need us.


We are independent stewards of your wealth; your interests always come first.


We value teamwork, partnership, and long-term relationships.


We actively embrace change, encourage creativity, and strive for continuous improvement.


Quality, value, dedication, and professionalism are our calling cards.

Our Edge

As a wealth advisor, we feel responsible for anticipating as well as addressing your unique needs now and into the future. Our background in global banking and investments has provided us with depth and breadth of not only experience but also networks to provide you with the strategies to secure your legacy.


Exclusively for you.

As your wealth partner, we tailor our advice, service and solutions to you. Your portfolio and recommended strategy are unique, addressing your singular situation and goals. As a fiduciary, we invest in your best interest, always.

Our experience, skills and associations allow us to go well beyond standard personalization. We are positioned to thoughtfully anticipate, navigate and respond to your specific, dynamic circumstances.

A boutique firm, we are discerning in choosing our clients, so we can provide you with the best we have to offer.

You have our unmatched commitment to excellence and ethics as well as our undivided attention. We offer you our most valued asset: our time.


Advancing opportunities.

We have been through countless market cycles, so we know how to anticipate, prepare, and plan to help protect capital and reduce anxiety.
Multi- Generational
We take a forward-looking approach, aiming to make an impact across generations, including educating your family’s heirs to be responsible stewards of wealth.
We embrace the efficiency and insight technology can bring to wealth management. Our optimized platform and consolidated reporting allow for customized, transparent, and secure decision-making and execution.
Always looking at your overall needs, we make both domestic and international introductions to create opportunities.


Always here.

All - Encompassing
As a multifamily office, we manage all facets of your wealth ecosystem to help simplify your life.
We advise from both a personal and a professional perspective to help ensure a meaningful life and legacy.
Approachable, collaborative, and responsive, we aim to be your first call to discuss financial life ideas and problem-solve.
As partners, we believe we are accountable to you for both our advice and our follow-through.